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About The Family Learning Partnership:

The Miami-Dade Family Learning Partnership, a coalition of local organizations, is dedicated to -- and cares about -- all the families of Miami-Dade County.

The Miami-Dade Family Learning Partnership sees Miami as a place where parents and caregivers should be a child's first and most important teacher, where children will have high quality literacy and language instruction, and where outstanding literacy and language development programs will be readily available to all.

We work on this collaborative mission: Helping families gain the literacy and language skills they need to achieve their goals. Focusing particularly on families with young children, we advance three areas of family learning: (1) Parents as teachers, (2) children's literacy and (3) adult literacy.

The Miami-Dade Family Learning Partnership arises from the Miami-Dade Literacy Coalition and its network of literacy providers. Through funding and support from The Early Childhood Initiative Foundation and with full collaboration from Literacy Coalition co-chairs Susan Shugar and Sandy White, the Miami-Dade Literacy Coalition evolved into The Miami-Dade Family Learning Partnership.

An initial community probe, done by DCA of Boston, identified gaps and needs in literacy programming and services for Miami-Dade families. Dozens of local leaders, literacy experts and service providers have identified three strategies based on this probe. These three strategies have been adopted as the Family Learning Partnership's priorities:

  1. Early intervention programs focusing on children 0 to 3 years.
  2. Developing a continuum of services for children spanning the years from preschool to second grade.
  3. Ensuring that high quality adult literacy programs and standards are in place.

The Miami-Dade Family Learning Partnership addresses literacy with a slightly different approach than many other literacy-based coalitions. The Family Learning Partnership recognizes the importance of early literacy in developing competent, productive and responsible citizens. For this reason, a large component of the Miami-Dade plan focuses on parent skill-building in an effort to prepare young children for school. Other traditional literacy efforts concerned with both children and/or adults also will be an important focus for Partnership members.


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