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A comprehensive listing of services geared toward those individuals who are uninsured, uninsurable or underinsured. Support areas include HIV/AIDS, abortion, abortion alternatives, cancer, dental care, eye care, home care, medical equipment, occupational and physical therapy, pre-and post natal care. Additionally, information is included on not-for-profit organizations that offer information and applications for Medicaid, Medicare, Florida KidCare and other insurance programs.

AIDS/HIV Sexually Transmitted Diseases

AIDS Clinical Trials Information Service (ACTIS) 800-874-2572

AIDS Treatment Hotline / Project Information 800-822-7422

Alternative Therapy / Women's Group 305-891-2066

American Red Cross Greater Miami and The Keys / HIV/AIDS Education 954-797-3839

Bayview Center for Mental Health / Outpatient Services 305-892-4600

Betterway of Miami / Residential Day / Night Outpatient Treatment Programs 305-634-3409

Borinquen Health Care Center / Primary Health Care Clinic 305-576-6611

Camillus Health Concern 305-374-1065

Care Resource Center 305-576-1234

Catholic Charities / Genesis Residence / Archdiocese 305-856-1043

Center for Disease Control and Prevention National Prevention Information Network 800-458-5231

Center for Disease Control and Prevention National STD/AIDS Hotline 800-232-4636

Center for Haitian Studies / HIV/AIDS Program 305-757-9555

Children's Home Society of Florida 305-254-9759

Community Case Management / HIV/AIDS 305-653-4030

Community Health Care / Sex Health Education (SHE) Center 305-895-5555

Community Health of South Dade Everglades Health Center 305-246-4607

Community Health of South Dade Martin Luther King Jr. Clinica Campesina 305-248-4334

Community Health of South Dade South Dade Health Center 305-242-6069

Community Health of South Dade West Perrine Community Health Center 305-252-4487

Community Health of South DadeDoris Ison Community Health Center 305-253-5100

Economic Opportunity Family Health Center Family Health Center North 305-694-6900

Economic Opportunity Family Health Center Flamingo Health Center 305-887-0004

Economic Opportunity Family Health Center James E. Scott Satellite Center 305-835-8122

Economic Opportunity Family Health Center Jessie Trice Center 305-637-6400

Episcopal AIDS Ministry 305-379-4673

Eve Medical Center and Referral Services 305-591-2288

Florida AIDS Action 305-891-3666

Florida AIDS Hotline Creole 800-243-7101

Florida AIDS Hotline English 800-342-2437

Florida AIDS Hotline Spanish 800-545-7432

Florida International University / HIV/AIDS Education Prevention Center 305-348-4080

Food for Life Network 305-576-3663

Gay Men's Health Crisis 800-243-7692

Haitian-American Community Association of Dade County Minority AIDS Program 305-751-3429

Health Council of South Florida 305-592-1452

Herpes Resource Center 800-230-6039

HIV Positive Women's Group 305-891-2066

Hope Worldwide / HIV/AIDS Prevention Program 610-254-8800

Hospice Care of South Florida 305-591-1606

Jackson Memorial Hospital / Public Health Trust Haitian Women's Group 305-243-5832

Jackson Memorial Hospital / Public Health Trust Helen B. Bentley Family Health Center 305-447-4950

Jackson Memorial Hospital / Public Health Trust Human Resource Health Center 305-638-6661

Jackson Memorial Hospital / Public Health Trust Jefferson Reaves Health Center 305-577-0093

Jackson Memorial Hospital / Public Health Trust Liberty City Health Services Center 305-835-2200

Mercy Hospital / Special Immunology Services 305-285-2994

Miami-Dade County Public Schools / HIV/AIDS Education 305-995-7118

Miami-Dade Department of Human Services Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA) 305-795-1562

Miami-Dade Health Department AIDS/HIV Program 305-470-6999

Miami-Dade Health Department Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) 305-325-3042

Mothers' Voices of South Florida 305-347-5467

Movers / HIV/AIDS Counseling Services 305-754-2268

National AIDS Hotline / Information and Referral 800-342-2437

New Horizons Community Mental Health Center Opa-Locka Family Center 305-635-0366

New Horizons Community Mental Health Center Outpatient Substance Abuse 305-635-7444

New Horizons Community Mental Health Center Overtown Family Enrichment Center 305-573-9727

New Horizons Community Mental Health Center Substance Abuse Program 305-573-1832

Planned Parenthood Association of Greater Miami Family Planning Clinic 305-285-5532

Project Inform 866-448-4636

South Beach AIDS Project 305-535-4733

South Shore Hospital Community AIDS Program 305-672-2100

The Center for Positive Connections 305-891-2066

University of Miami AIDS Clinical Research Unit 305-243-3838

University of Miami Pediatrics AIDS Program / Jackson Memorial Hospital 305-243-6676

University of Miami Special Adolescent Clinic 305-243-5880

Village-Partners in Recovery 305-573-3784

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